Friday, December 5, 2008

Change chrome search engine on the fly!!

Hi folks,
i know it is(my blog) not that interesting, but still some of you stumble on to it... thank you very much for that.
And as, now that formality is over here is one post just FYI (For your information) :)
I am using Chrome say from last one and half month or so. Despite may other new/old features, the one feature that i would like to discuss over here is the feature of change of search engine on the fly.

Its like if you have list of search engines in your chrome, it asks to press tab the time it realizes, you are approximately typing the search engine in address bar

and it self learns and list downs sites which serves the find/search feature, other wise one can manually add it also.
it looked good to me... at least from a developer's UI perspective :))

1 comment:

  1. In the first image a "Tab" image shows the direction to press the tab key to shift to the search engine and then proceed with the search term


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