Friday, December 12, 2008

Recession synonymous to opportunity?


This time no talks on tips and tricks or things like that.... i being the software engineer, have a lot of time to do lot of things but still do nothing more than sitting in front of a VDU and figuring to make money out of this LCDisplay which is said to have a mind somewhere done in its CPU :))

anyhow i carry a fm radio with me always (actually its in my phone :)) ), now coming to point i was hearing @ radio mirchi at 98.3 Mhz( and you know what it is HOT!!!) which were asking people what good or bad this recession has done to people here in India (in Delhi, to be precise) . and as usual in india people full of thoughts but not so full of implementation gave not less than any hundred thousand responses and mind you some of them were really very phenomenal in their way.

and like a very true indian have lost almost all of them(not able to recall even few of their conversation, now!!) but got to a slideshow which is some where doing the same thing :)

Have  a look at it below
Don't Stop - Keep Going
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: jay mcdonald)
and do share the comments if you have any :)

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