Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Introduction(a bit of me)


to start of

Praveen Kumar Sinha... Indian by heart... &
world by nature(at least to someone)...

and the resume goes like this
riding rails with ruby saddle(and you know what!!! i am lovin it :))

MCA from delhi and the rozi roti media is computers(to be precise, "softwares" and to be more precise, "MPS Technologies Ltd..")

and answer for "kyun" & "why" questions

Product i developed...

Firms is/was associated with...


  1. u said ur rozi roti is computers to aaj kal to dal se hi kaam chalna pata hoga since IT is down down..whts say ???? :)

  2. most of ur blogs are on rails.....please do add some blogs on general topics also related to computers.........


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