Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas janab..koi cake khillao bhai

Hey folks,

Merry Christmas to all my blog readers

Recently life is going all round and am missing my life partner as she is not here with me this Christmas
but first some news....
This tuesday, had a test drive for Mitsubishi outlander, its AWD and multi-tronic engine.. phenomenal... just phenomenal.
I am planning to have a web application of my own, very soon!! and planning to make money of it too :)) . You know what!! i desperately need the all possible right ways.... bu ya will not disclose about it, any more....

a small incident that i am going to narrate today, goes like this.....
I was ought to see-of my life partner as she was going out of station in this long weekend(this Christmas) and first time see was travelling alone in a train and that too out for about 4-5 hrs... and worst was yet come, train was late by 4 1/2 hrs can anybody think of it.. train ideal timing was 9.40 hrs but came at 14.30 hrs in the period my kudi thought of why not take up bus instead of train(i convinced her ... as in any case travelling in 2 tier AC compartment is much much better and safe to that of non-Volvo bus)

but this waiting time provided us to have a sneak preview to Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav.. current railway minister for India.. and he was there inspecting a new rail engine....
surrounded by many officials and many security persons.. complete station was under tight coverage from RAF personals and everywhere gunmen were standing alert

first time i and my kudi watched him from a very small distance... looking good in white netaji dress.. many people may be having as many as hundred thousand point of view/thought of him but he is good whatever he does and if he doesn't he shows that he has done better.. than he could have.. see the layer of abstraction in real life :))

and here are some of the snapshots.... :)


  1. aur tune photo bhi kheench dala uska..itna pasand aa gaya lalu tujhe...

  2. ya rarely one gets an opportunity like this :))


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