Monday, January 12, 2009

Whenever i am getting the scolding, its not me its you

Hi guys,

Recently hear ed this compliment :)) (I am referring to the heading of course) and i took it as compliment. Anyhow jokes apart.. last week it has been happening time... got to know and personally meet people who read my blog(for whatever reason) and you know what they liked it!!! and the complement factor was ,they asked it to also mention in my r****e .

Also signed in for twitter and i personally had no plans to do so but so many times people asked me have you used it??? i told to myself what is that people are talking about it so much.. and how i felt after it is in next line but i personally know guys who made some thing similar to this called kwippy( and the time when they introduced it to me i said is it really a need) and still the question remains the same is it really in need (to twitter people), but the truth is that now i am on it :)

A very Happy Lohri readers.. I kept this post in draft fridge for a day and now its LOHRI and next it is going to be Makar Sankarnti.. back to back festivals (really a delight for a foodie like me) :)

And one more thing.. was going in to gurgaon at an evening from my place and saw this beautiful sunset(mark me sorry for not carrying a good camera.. i have a phone and it can only solve this much of the problem) but believe me it was very nice than what you are getting in here in this snapshot above.

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