Saturday, January 31, 2009

Will you call this evolution ? switched to ubuntu linux

Hi guys,

am back again and guess what writing it form the firefox running in ubuntu.. and this time no escape please.. i made very much mandatory that i should not have any door that i can look back a way to windows xyz... no i am not getting harsh on it just a bit more infatuated towards my new hardy.... yippee its running and running fine if not perfectly fine.. but who said i am looking in for perfectness after if i am believer of 80:20 rule i am very happy really very satisfied with it.

Last night was chatting to one of my friend(pravesh) and when he got to know about it he said he still remember those MCA college days where i use to favour windows and he was one of few who use to be on Linux side.. at those time we use to have system but almost zero Internet connectivity (as if, Internet world has no open doors for us at those time :)) )

and still i am backing those thoughts(adial tattu sort of stuff) because whatever i have evolved in today it is all because windows was there and it helped understand me the words like 'os' and 'system' to me(it is said that it is the first step which is toughest to achieve after that evolution will take you on) and it happens with almost all of us here in India.

so ending the flashback.. current scene is that i am running my work on

hardy ubuntu 8.04 and it is running fine dear.

installing running ruby,mysql,subversion, rails and many other application was quite a breeze through 'apt get'. also installed picasa for ubuntu and netbeans. one issue is running with netbeans, it is somehow interfering or getting interfered with the glossy effect so have to swicth the effects in appearance(thats what i found for the issue with netabens when no controls was visible in interface)

rest is all good it has just been about 5 days on to ubuntu and as there is no windows in my system now so any problem and issue will be tackled in ubuntu way only.

a system which gets installed in about 30mins time and with all office software installed and which looks good and is simple to use, obvious stuff is available and one needs not worry about anything as there is plenty full of support and help on net(unless for you doors are not shut yet) this Linux from ubuntu is good and if planning to switch to ubuntu but is/was doubtful about its driver compatibility and all and its response to you i will say mark my words you will not feel the pane in fact you will learn a lot.

post is really grown very long.. but koi issue nahin hai ji sometimes even i can write right???

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