Sunday, March 8, 2009

NetBook ASUS EeePC

O my god!!! i got this small little machine.... the coolest gadget till yet. and have some snaps ....

Tech specs are intel Atom Duo, 2 GBytes of Ram, the ddr2 one and the sleek and so bright 10 inches screen
and only 5% keyboard is what it all sacrificed it for this look.. apart from the optical drive and now i have to do something to not to miss it :))

Earlier had one dell but due to some faults in the system
its wifi stopped working and its Ram was Half of Gb and its upgrading was costing me about Rs. 2200.00, which was a bit more than i actually expected so i went to NehruPlace and changed the system it self and got this new stylish looking baby... it will do my needs and it is quite a bit handy too so small in dimension and good enough battery life of about 5 hrs and keyboard is not bothering me too either although its right shift key is a bit awkwardly placed :)

I am looking it for some more stuff to get onboard but that will be something which i think is an ongoing process for a person like me :)

That is it of for me.. the biggie news of the week


  1. Hey I got one just like it :-D

    You are on Ubuntu ;;)

  2. haan ji ekdum.
    ubuntu is a nice OS by the way.
    and for eeepc there is eeebuntu build on the back of interpid and customized for eeepc hardwares.
    All hardware works fine :)


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