Friday, April 17, 2009

RAILS: interning empty string

Hi folks,

Really after a long time, writing a post on ROR (even a simple post). AN the reason for delay.. work as usual and secondary i want people to educate on an error, with the statement as "interning empty string" something showing thing like this.

Being from IT industry and not much into literature, first thought came in my mind after hitting this error was "what does interning means?" and the answer from says "to restrict to or confine within prescribed limits" which just meant some breakage of boundary of something and i am the culprit( as always :)) )

But an ware of what i did, started hitting Ctrl + Z (to undo my bad deeds :))) but no luck!! just nothing.. i was like what!! what is that which is not getting undone over here and even google search was showing some very unresponsive result... so was left alone to trigger army against this.
And finally i got the answer and it was...

If you have a partial defined something like "_partial_name.html.erb" everything is fine till the time you don't append an extra dot to the partial file name something like "_partial_name..html.erb" it will through "interning empty string" even if you don't render the partial anywhere

So guys and gals next time try to be more concentrated on renaming a partial, because it can lead to something where even google searches don't have a definite answer to.

That is it for the day.

Happy coding and happy engineering


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