Friday, May 8, 2009

Some life updates

Actually this month is happening... as life is as usual.
Just resigned from MPST(MPS Technologies Limited) and am stretching my legs and thank god that even summers are chilling now-a-days so it is all very pleasant.
and I voted too this central elections (it is only applicable if you known about current Indian political status of India).
And ya the most happening thing that i did this week was i took the test drive of Toyota innova, and to be fare i thought i was disappointed for the gear knob vibrations from toyota but latter on, i thought every other car is only way behind it.... so why give it a bad name.. so it is good and perfect if you care about your family and wanna visit places.. it is a nice car that's for sure.
And as was expected, I also visited the tata showroom to ask in for tata most famous car after nano, exactly the safari The tata safari... and not going against my expectations, they didn't had any car to give the test drive and according to them they give test drive on vehicles which are ordered for other customers, now that's bad.
And here is a car comparison that i have not done before..
Innova is
  • good interiors
  • good exteriors
  • not so good vibrating gear in diesel
  • it doesn't rules the road
  • No 4*4 wheel drive
  • but very stable and great family car
  • Service is prompt i will buy innova if i can park it in near future

About Safari
  • "Reclaim you life" slogans fits in, but is life so lost??
  • Great exteriors and equally bad interiors
  • finish is not finished yet, come on guys increase the price by 2 lakhs but don't decrease the expectations
  • Why is roof mounted AC looks as if it is not part of roof (learn something from innova)
  • Service (Needs a big big improvement)
  • And please do have a separate car to test drive


I was so mentally boosting myself to buy a safari but they have shattered my dreams, what to do and why to do!! both questions are playing

Any how people its late in night and that too of no-work... i want to fit my "Reclaim your sleep" slogan now.

bbye and good luck


  1. hope u make up your mind fast..the highways are waiting for you :)

  2. :) kahan hai aaj kal??? tujhe se kaam tha!!


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