Monday, June 1, 2009

How to run GPRS from airtel on ROKR E6 motorola

Hey hi guys and gals,
Just after a long time i am writing something on mobile device, actually it is something which shows how stupid I am :D
I was planned to go for a small trip to my home town (I will write a post about it too, but for the time being 'the issue').
I live in Delhi(India) and so this is something for the locale or some one who is facing almost the same that i faced about a week ago, and it was of how to make GPRS active on my best Motorola rokr e6(where it is very much assumed that i have an Airtel post paid mobile connection). I was in urgent need of some way or the other to connect to net as have lot and lot of dependency on it and even if i am off from office i have work to do :D (sounds as if i am very busy person, let me be :D) so i opted for GPRS from my mobile and i know e6 comes with GPRS features, but some how or the other it was not working.
I asked airtel people about it, they were just resending the setting to my phone, which was very much accepted and installed too but the main issue was still there "GPRS was not working", according to them this is all they can do and there was actually not in that, they were sending a GPRS connection premade with the name of "Mobile-office" which contained an APN: and an primary gateway ip: and the port was 8080 and nothing more nothing less but damn it was not working, call center executive were helpless what to do so again and again tried different hooks but nothing worked out and i again called the executive and she said something which made me feel how stupid of me, being so much in technology was not able to figure out this small thing and it was that i have to manually enable the GPRS, which is manually accessed from the bar which shows the reception quality, programs and players running and which by default is placed just below the top set of icons, enabled the GPRS from there and restarted my phone(which call center guys usually asks to do) and it worked :)

Sometimes even i can skip something which is right in front of my eyes or one can right in front of my screen (it happens with developers).
So guys or gals if you have faced something stupid like this please comment and let every body know :), at least i did
chow people it is the to hit bed, I am dead tired right now after this vacation :D

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