Monday, May 24, 2010

3 step Memcache install in ubuntu with rails binding

#To Install memecache
sudo apt-get install memcached
#To restart memcahce
/etc/init.d/memcached restart
#To install ruby binding gem to memecache
sudo gem install memcached

and to start memcache automatically on system startup
sudo gedit /etc/default/memcached
# Set this to yes to enable memcached.


  1. I found I needed the memcached-client gem, not memcached

    And I needed to add a line in my rails environment config:

    config.cache_store = :mem_cache_store

    In fact, are we even doing the same thing here? Maybe not

  2. :) first two steps are to install and start memcache service on Ubuntu and then from step 3 its about rails different gem


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