Thursday, October 7, 2010

MTNL broadband not opening certain websites

:) then what to do.. i just got one MTNL TriBand broadband unlimited connection for my home in Palam Colony, New Delhi. Everything was great except that it was not opening certain web links like,, most of the time and within two days of installation, frustration was so severe that i looked up for google for any help(mind you MTNL,Delhi people they are awesome at NOT resolving any issues like this)
On a random look out for solution i found two things..
1. Change PrimaryDNS and SecondaryDNS to and respectively
2. Change TCP MTU Option(in interface page of ADSL router) to 1400

and Final step, Do a restart (one of the option in 'Maintenance' page)
and see if it works for you.. it worked for me :)

Just for information i am having a ADSL router of Sterlite(Firmware Version : by MTNL) and am using my own netgear wifi router on top of it,


  1. Hi,
    The following worked for me so thought of sharing:

    I did a system restart using Factory Default setting as the option under the maintenance->sysrestart tab.
    after successful reboot, i used the username(landline number) and password(CA No.) and MTU as 1492. I can now access all the site, which weren't working previously.

    Hope it works for you too

  2. how to chnage TCP MTU option i'm using win 7 plzz help

  3. Hi, Praveen you are genious. I was waiting for loading from almost 9 hours. But when I use your suggestion, the site open immediately. Many many thanks!

  4. It is in reality a great and helpful piece of information.
    I'm happy that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. Thanks It works great. Saved my life from many issues.

  6. I am severe internet issues. After i troubleshoot my internet either the issue it states is 'The internet connection is broken' or 'DNS server is not responding' Please help I am encountering this issue since a long time is it a virus issue?

    1. Try switching DNS to

      Primary DNS:
      Secondary DNS:

      And if you really doubt about any virus try accessing Internet from other devices/machines (may be borrowed from family members or friends)


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