Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to handle wrong car parking!


I am back but not with any thing on computer but for car commuters.
Have been putting up in Delhi for around i think 12 years now and it has been phenomenal and i love Delhi as it is but there are challenges to deal with everyday and rather than showing anger and swearing on it, it would be good if we try to resolve them in some what funny manner and i did :)

Well addressing to all those owning a car(vehicle) and thinking blank road is car parking area(in Delhi), just before leaving for office today i saw a parked Mahindra Scorpio consuming the rest of road which was half flooded with building materials (as a house construction is going on, common! in areas of Delhi).

But i need to get way so that can reach office i can't take my car from that 1.5 feet of space. Me and my mom tried looking in for that super talented person who has parked his/her car and was lost by now and even by so many queries from neighbourhood no one knew about it and now it was high time i should be doing something about it rather than shouting on air but my love towards cars didn't allowed me to break the car but how can i teach lesson to this person now.

So what i did is that 1 took two a4 blank sheets of paper and stick it with glue (like people paste movie posters) on drivers side of windshield and wrote.. "Hope next time your intelligence can use parking sense!! All the best"

and then i took my car from back road and believe me taking car from that place required 3 people to assist me to drag my car inch by inch(it was that narrow)

But later on came to know form my dad, that driver appeared after about 1hr and was shocked to see it. My mom, dad and even my sister was like all over him and he accepted his mistakes and it took about 20 mins to takes those two sheets out from his windscreen and i don't know whether text written, was even understood by the driver or not. and hopefully this will keep a guard on him next time doing a wrong parking..

So i dealt with it this way.. how about you?

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