Monday, May 16, 2011

Revert back to Default look n feel of Ubuntu 11.04

Well guys i am back again.. and this time it is pretty fast :).
I downloaded Ubuntu 11.04 and after installation complete also tried installing desktop effects available (and runs fabulously good) in previous version of Ubuntu. And this time to using synaptic manager the installation was a breeze but the effect was something else :D

In 11.04 there is common menu-bar and then there is vertical side bar looks more like windows 7(but vertically placed) so i don;t know(if i am able to run those eff3cts successfully) how will they react with UI... well that is a future thought.

But the current situation was my fresh install of Ubuntu 11.04 was messed up and now i was not able to view the menu-bar and there is no bar from where i can try to fix it.. run dialog box was also not coming in picture on press of Alt + F2.

And the last resort was to again redo the install(which was expensive in terms of time consumed) so what to do. This is what i did and it worked for me.. hope it works for you too (if you ever get dirty with effects on Ubuntu)

Step 01: Right click on desktop and click on "Create a launcher"(because i was only able to see the desktop.. a blank desktop!!)
Step 02: Provide name as "Terminal" and command as "gnome-terminal" and click on OK.
Step 03: Now double click the newly created launcher to open up a console terminal(with no head bar and no menu bar)
Step 04: Issue following two commands one by one.
gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/compiz-1
gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/compizconfig-1

Wait for some time and you will get native UI back on Ubuntu 11.04 (if not try log-out and log-in back) :)
Well my thoughts stopped working when i lost the panels and menu-bar of 11.04 and this thing came first in my mind and it worked (for me). If there is/are any thing much better than this(which i am obviously unaware of) please provide that too in comment.. it may help somebody.

Till that time chaow!

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