Monday, November 30, 2015

Fixed: Rubymine hanging in Ubuntu 15.XX after upgrade

Ahaa Hello folks,

From last two days people in my company using RubyMine were going nuts with their development machine set-up. Initially I was ignorant thinking it must be small niggles or crazy stuff folks do to their systems resulting in problems like these but then why and how it is happening to almost all of them?? 

Clueless how come all of sudden all installations(including mine) started freezing on specific type of window open(generally suggestion dialogs) then one of them figured out it must be a Ubuntu software update which must be poking with RubyMine ahha GOTCHA!!

So we figured out people who all have not taken the latest update on Ubuntu 15.xx were doing fine while others are unfortunately unlucky enough and then we kind of figured out its the java in system that’s making things nasty and not going well with RubyMine. Initially there was nothing as solution available and then no one was even bothered but after two day found something and as "misery loves company" got some relief as it got raised here like

But then what's the solution.. here it is

First of all 
Step 01: Keep everything intact but remove all java installations from your ubuntu like java-common, default or open jdk/jre. (I use Synaptic package manager, un-ticked them and removed all of it)
Step 02: Restart once done with Step 01.
Step 03: Add Oracle Java to your system. Open a terminal and add webupd8 ppa with following commands
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
sudo apt-get update
Step 04: Install oracle-java8-installer and setup Java 8 as default (JAVA_HOME, PATH, etc.) (again I used Synaptic package manager for that :)

and Whola!! its working sweet :) I hope it helps others too.


  1. An absolute lifesaver, well done, thanks :D Well done on posting the comment to the Jetbrains thread as well, that is where I found it.


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