Sunday, March 4, 2018

Holi celebrations @ HeaderLabs 2018

Hello Folks,

This is the day just after Holi i.e. March 03, 2018
It is going just like any perfect holiday a guy like me wants to have. Kitchen is full of sweets and eateries, have not touched my laptop from last 24 hours and is not in intention of doing so for next 24 hours(at least not for any work related tasks). Mom and dad are besides me.. talking about some very random funny stuff and even though my tummy is full, somehow will adjust poories and aaloo-gobhi sabji that have wished for and thats why my mum is in kitchen now.
Frankly have slept a lot during this holi's long weekend.

Was going through some of the photos that we took during our Holi celebrations @ office.

Very happy faces indeed. Every year we celebrate Holi like this(or i force them to celebrate.. i don;t know)

Am that kind of person who doesn't want to be everywhere but where ever i am will never try to have a dull moment because of some lame excuse and believe me if you have a bunch of folks and want to have even a celebration planned its so tough to execute but i had to celebrate Holi or one can say am left with no other option so office is the only place i can make it happen.

I generally don't look at older photos.. they make you happy and then they make you sad and so will these photos one day. Happy because its obvious.. its the snap of smiles, fun and happiness and sad because many will not be there in the next Holi.

Don't have much of friends most of them are now putting up out of India and few others am not in touch and its clearly me who is responsible for not being in touch. So i have people left only in my office i.e. HeaderLabs

We started HeaderLabs about 5 years ago :) It still brings on smile recalling those times. I don;t know how common it is for people but that days of starting a small setup with few very dear ones along with you.. Its a top of the world feeling

Having ZERO experience of handling a company to starting up like the way we started and along with the people we started and then the way we went through times and the way it is still going.. i will say, am blessed.

Will do a detail on all this some day but for the time being it has been a great journey. Lost a very indispensable one on the way but the great thing is never cheated on anything/anybody. May be this is the only thing that i have so why be not loyal towards it.

Had a lot to write to but leaving it at this, don;t want to make my self more sad :)

Take care. Have a safe weekend.

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