Thursday, August 2, 2018

Honda Civic & A/C problems.

Hello Friends,

Got a post again on to Honda Civic (The good old favorite commuter of mine).

This car has been doing great except for some things here and there it has been a great ownership experience till date and and on top of that it has also saved my life once :) in past.

Ok! So coming back. Now-a-days, am using Honda Civic majorly as my secondary option for daily commute or primary option for out stations trip (which is not that frequent these days).

While starting my car in the morning found A/C's blower is in full swing but it was not cooling at all (literally it had no chill!! :D)

And after an hour long drive it didn't turned up once in the whole journey and from past experiences the first go to thing was YouTube (to find out what could be the most obvious and DIY as fix.)

Narrowed down to A/C relay in the fuse set. Gave it a tap as was suggested in the video, tried some more fiddles but nothing made it to work. But me being me and trusting YouTube, finalized on "A/C relay only" must have broken. So i called the most trusted car A/C repair mechanic in my area. Hemkund Sahib Car A/C in Sector 23 of Dwarka.

Owner, he is a gem of a person it was going to be my second encounter with him and me being the pseudo pro asked him if he has the A/C relay for my car so that i can just fix it of my own and he being he politely said yes (and he always says YES no matter what you inquire for.. i like that about him) and so i got to his workshop.

It being a Saturday(weekend) there was crowd but not very hectic one he moved my car under the shadow(it was hot out there in open) and asked me to start the car. Which i did and then after his inspection his words were...

"Baadshaao yeh toh khuch start he nahin hua.. no koi ghoon na ghaan" (Vague translation: Brother there is no sound at all of compressor/fan starting up) and i was like and what could be the reason for that and what about the relay!

Its a bigger problem than just relay as per the condition and may be relay could also be adding up but lets focus on the main crux why compressor didn't started!

He asked one of the technician to look in for pressure and coolant gases, which was not there at all and hence he started to check for any leaks in the a/c radiator coil and other pipes. Upon half removal of bumper found out one connecting pipe was having stains of leak and later on it got confirmed. So there was no gas in it and hence for safety of A/C devices(to prohibit dry runs), no internal components were booting up and hence "no ghoon na ghaan".

That specific connector was not available in house at that moment but he contacted some vendor and asked for it on urgent basis. After a bit of hustle he agreed to deliver to his shop but it consumed about an hour and half more.

But finally connector arrived and got it fitted in the car, pushed the coolant and switched on the A/C and yes it came up to life. It costed me about 4 hours in duration and about ₹ 5K on pocket, but good as it got fixed.

Things were going good for next couple of months but then suddenly A/C died again that too just like that without any external characteristic. Cooling went for a toss and had to complete my rest of about 40 mins journey fiddling with open/closed windows (as i become more restless to honks in Delhi's traffic condition and also the heat).

And visited Hemkund Sahib Car A/C again (in a week time) fearing of any more leaks (this time they have shifted their place about 70-100 meters forward (from their last location) and what they found this time (after inspection)? Yes it was the relay. Yippey!! I was like wow i got to a solution before the occurrence of problem. But thank fully this was just Pluck, Plug and Play fix. Which costed me about ₹ 400.00

And currently Civic is doing very fine. It still feels such an exuberant thing to drive that every time if i get a thought about letting it go (as it is getting old) am forced to say NAaaa :D

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Honda Civic & A/C problems.

Hello Friends, Got a post again on to Honda Civic (The good old favorite commuter of mine). This car has been doing great except for so...