Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Released BrokenCompass

So finally after much of ifs and buts and all hesitation have released a version of BrokenCompass.. Full text search engine built using ruby on rails and serving ruby on rails app.

Some of the features which are available as of now in this first release are..
  1. Able to work with all databases for which ruby in rails have no issues(examples shown in links uses mysql)
  2. Availability of extended_mode which allows to search in any particular attribute(from set of attributes which is used while in index creation)
  3. In extended_mode queries can have logical "&"(pronounced as 'and') and "|"(pronounced as 'or') between them(Not operator is not available still, but working out to release in next version).
  4. One can assign weight to set of attributes depending upon requirements and in response get weighted result and also sorted in descending order of weight of record.
  5. By default 20 records are returned as query response(which can be altered)
  6. look_in_brokencompass static method is attached to rails model to get inference of instantaneous parameter set. And to find using brokencompass static method is find_with_brokencompass("searchterm", :brokencompass = {}) and many other..

Here are few links(if interested, will be helpfull)
BrokenCompass: How to go about it
BrokenCompass - Install instructions

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